Sustainability in the workplace – alongside our partners, we are trying to transition as a workforce to become more sustainable and ‘green’. We are working with staff members to introduce eco- friendly ways to achieve this and corporately are introducing projects that benefit the planet and promote sustainability.

Our Sustainability and Environmental Strategy sets out our vision and core themes: Sustainability Image

  • People
    • Influence 500 customers to switch to green and lower cost energy providers
    • Provide training for 100 customers to get back into Green Job Employment
    • Increase communication over all social media platforms to encourage change in energy behaviour
    • Share clear outcomes for ALL customers for retrofit and fabric first installations to their homes
    • Work in Partnership to develop Recycling Champions
    • Encourage customers to switch to smart meters
  • Operations
    • Work in Partnership with SBC to achieve Vision 2050 Carbon Zero Strategy
    • Work in accordance with PAS 2035 regulations to achieve the best outcome for our customers
    • Increase grant funding to 20% of annual capital programme
    • Arrange for additions to supply chain to aid procurement processes
    • Ensure that newly awarded Contracts include sustainability aims
  • Our Staff
    • Evaluate current stock profile to develop clear long term strategy
    • Reduce our carbon footprint by 50%
    • Implement a 100% green fleet for the whole Group
    • Decrease Office Accommodation by 50%
    • Develop Wellbeing training toolkits for all staff members
    • Recruit Energy Champions for the Organisation
  • Planet
    • Plant 6000 trees for each home managed by SEH
    • Extend digitalisation throughout our housing offer
    • Eco-friendly; waste, water, travel, energy, food targets
    • Reduce single use plastic products from our procurement buying arrangements
    • Implement green fleet usage for all Contracts
  • Property
    • 8% Carbon Neutral Homes by 2030
    • Sustainable retrofit to PAS 2035 standards for all Homes
    • More to Hydrogen ready boilers within 25% of our homes
    • Implement fabric first approach
    •  25% of all homes to be energy efficient

Hopefully by taking small steps we can work towards becoming a more sustainable workplace, who have zero-waste and are carbon- neutral.