Fire door inspection, maintenance and repair service

Property Maintenance

The safety of your occupants and premises is essential and can be unknowingly compromised. The Fire Door is the first line of defence between you,  fatal smoke and a fire. The door restricts the spread of smoke and fire, which ultimately saves lives and protects property.

When you call upon South Essex Property services, we will fully inspect and repair your fire doors to ensure they are operating correctly and if required, can carry repairs at the time of the inspection.

South Essex Property Services carry out BM Trada accredited routine inspections and repairs on fire doors to ensure buildings remain safe and comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Housing Act 2004.


The importance of fire door Inspections

Fire door inspections are essential to fully ensure health and safety measures are met and legislations are complied with. We provide fully comprehensive inspections and on-site repairs during the visit and the inspections can be done on an annual or 6 monthly basis.

The SEPS fire door Inspection process comprises of  thoroughly checking all your fire doors on-site to ensure they are safe, compliant and effective in protecting occupants and buildings against smoke and flames in the event of a fire.

We undertake a total of 34 industry-specific fire door inspection checks on each and every fire door, we will then provide you with a full and detailed PDF certificate for each door which includes photographic images within each report so you can actually see the damage / wear and tear and completed repair at the time of the inspection.

Our fire door inspection report will include all details of the condition of each door upon inspection and we carry out on-site repairs at the time of the inspections (Where possible) to meet the current guidelines and safety regulations, as well as a list of advisable works if full repair is not achievable during the initial inspection.

Six monthly fire door inspection

This is a mandatory requirement of the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005.

Our inspections are carried out in accordance with BM Trada guidelines by a certificated Fire Door Inspector.

Remedial works will be completed at time of inspection or recommendations will be made if more extensive repairs are deemed necessary

Due to our vast experience in the housing sector we also work with landlords where access to flats has become difficult , we fully record each visit , leave calling cards and complete a full audit trail of each attempted visit to enable the landlord to pursue further action if all else fails .